Experience Details:

➢ Worked as independent therapist of Thai yoga and medical massage for four years
➢ Over a year of experience cooperating in massage centres in Zagreb (5th Element Energy Centar, Zen Centar).
➢ Attended various workshops about Thai Yoga massage, Yumeiho massage, Ashtanga yoga, Pranayama and Meditation, including Ashtanga workshop with David Swenson in 2014 (Belgrade Serbia)
➢ Went to India in 2014 to study Ashtanga Yoga with Kamal Singh and Iyengar Yoga with Suryans Thakur in Rishikesh

➢ Graduated advanced level of Thai Yoga massage
➢ Certified Yoga instructor (Yoga Alliance TT 200)
➢ Certified in medical massage
➢ Attended intensive yumeiho workshop

➢ Teaching Thai Yoga workshops at Yoga Velika Gorica (Velika Gorica, Croatia)
➢ Series of Ashtanga workshops at Zen Centar (Zagreb, Croatia) and Malo Drvo (Varaždin, Croatia)

About me:

I began practicing Thai Yoga massage in 2010 after finishing a beginner’s course followed by an advanced level course of this healing art. My encounter with Thai Yoga was not by chance; it was a logical progression of over a decade of sustained interest in traditional martial arts and its various aspects, including human anatomy and the attitude of non-violence. An impulse for gaining a deeper understanding of the body and its biomechanics, as well as an interest in the healing power of human touch was what inspired me to study traditional Thai Yoga massage. A deep commitment to this unique healing art led me to explore other disciplines as means of complementing and expanding my knowledge: I studied Yumeiho Massage Therapy, which I find to be very compatible with Thai Yoga massage, allowing me to implement its techniques in my standard treatments, and I explored Western approach to massage by finishing a course in medical and deep tissue massage. Thai Massage also led me to yoga, which I recognized both as a complementary discipline to this massage therapy and a way to keep my body healthy, which is in my opinion a prerequisite for healing others. In early 2015 I completed a Multi-Style Yoga (Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga) Teacher Training. It is also worth noting that yogis make up over half of my client base. My primary style is Ashtanga yoga.

Massage & me:

Doing massage is an incredible journey through mystery of anatomy of both the physical and energy body. It allows me to work with some incredible people but also to learn a great deal about myself. For me it is a practical meditation exercise and a fantastic tool to develop sense of empathy and compassion. For a yogi on a path of sadhana, healing other bodies is just a natural orientation. I truly believe that most limbs of Ashtanga yoga can be perfected through massage bodywork.