Viganj, Orebić

Viganj originated from an old fishing village in a bay, that served the sailing ships of former times as an emergency port. It is an ideal place for relaxing and yet exciting holiday in a natural environment. To the west lies the Nakovana Centre, where it’s very quiet, the village itself is car free. Viganj is a positive, powerful and very well-giving place for group activities and a perfect setting for classes, workshops, seminars. Here it is easy to find yourself and to live together with like a time full of inspiration.

Viganj at the Pelješki Riviera – here grow oranges, lemons, figs, almonds, pomegranates, tomatoes, chard, zucchini and the famous red wine Plavac Mali. The fruits of the native gardens taste as before. Olives ripe in salty air and give a delicious oil. Freshly caught bream, crayfish, lobster dinner are on the grill. In Ston on Peljesac one enjoys oysters and mussels. During the night a star-rich sky is spread out above us and the air is pure and clear. The water in this archipelago has a viewing depth to 40 m.

Viganj is a tranquil place that can easily be explored on foot, the narrow coastal road is a long promenade. Intrusive beaten track missing. On the eastern headland -Sv. Liberan- a surfers and kiters world has established that uses the safe and good wind conditions. This place is host to many competitions. There are a well-managed self-service shops, restaurants and bistros, where the food is good and Dalmatian.

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